Bucharest 2014

Eprubetei Office Building Facade Remodeling

Design Concept and Technical Assistance: LTFB Studio
Photos: Maria Oancea, Cosmin Dragomir

Usually, the remote areas of the bedroom neighborhoods of Bucharest have a very heterogeneous and desolating urban landscape, overlapping the usual image of the blocks of flats in industrial landscape with the chaos of various interventions occurred during the less regulated period before the 2000’s.

The aim of our intervention was to transform an existing under construction building, set in a similar context (between a gas station and a car wash) in an urban landmark with structuring role.

The existing building, which is to be a multifunctional building is located in the proximity of the blocks of flats in the area known as Ilioara, on the road leading to the Soarelui highway , the main road to the seaside.

The idea was to unify and simplify the gestures and the overall image of the building. The horizontal lines on the 1 to 3 stories, which transforms in solar shadings in front of the windows, are designed so as to achieve a gradual transition from plain surface to perforated surface, unifying with a single gesture all the four facades.

As distinct elements were kept the ground floor and top floor. The 4th floor is a fitness hall, with al four sides forming a continuous glazing wall, from which one can have a panoramic view of the entire area.

The staircase is provided with a translucent wall made of  U -shaped profiled glass, that aims role of urban lantern as a lighted landmark, visible even from car’s speed for those who go to, or come from the highway.

Although constrained by the existing structure, the intervention succeeds, using some simple elements to dramatically change the character of the building and thus to contribute on the ordering and cleaning the urban landscape.