A system that gather the excess cable and keeps them near you

First of all, we didn’t like the bunch of cables behind our desks.

So, one of the concerns was how to organize those cables.

It was like a jungle of cables. This jungle inspired us and we imagined the cables like some jungle lianas or flower stalks.

We thought it could be nice to have some flowers of various colours attached to our desks and the cables to get out of them. We wanted also to stack them somehow and magnets seemed to us a wonderful idea.

FLOWER can gather the cables and be stacked with the help of magnets

Our idea brings a smile into the office and also keeps some cables out of sight. It has various functional qualities:

  • It keeps the cables bundled. FLOWER is also very portable, you can carry the cables bundled in “flowers” of various colours.
  • Gather the excess cable and brings it near
  • It can be attached on the desk edge (18mm-25mm desk thickness)
  • It can be attached also on metallic surfaces that attracts magnets like metallic desk structure or others
  • Flowers can be stacked with the help of magnets, so it saves space.
  • In order to fix the cables, FLOWER has a special shape between the petals, with various radious for various cables thicknesses.
  • FLOWER has an almost flat surface so it can be also printed with various graphic designs

the cable can be fixed between the petals due to a special shape

FLOWER can be sticked and stacked also on metal surfaces