Key organizer. Find the key by color and slide it whit a simple move!

Funkey is the key holder that helps you organize your keys in a compact way.

It helps you identify the key among a lot of similar keys using a colored holder and allows you to draw out the key by sliding it out with one finger.

funKey works with any type of flat key, including the larger  Dimple keys.

You can have up to 8 keys in one funKey holder. A supply kit with extra items for 6 or for 8 keys can be achieved along with the standard package of 4.

The exterior surface can be either made by injection molding or by 3d printing. The injection molding version is only with simple smooth surface and can be either in black or in white, with a large variety of colors for the holders. The 3d printed version can  be customized with a large variety of patterns.